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Godiva Master Partings, Closures and Lace Frontals


All students that have completed and passed a Godiva accredited training course, will be offered an exclusive trade discount and will have access to our Godiva Students online shop.  You will then have exclusivity to buy into the the Godiva brand and provide your clients with the best Remy/Slavic hair on the market.

Alternatively if you have completed an accredited Hair Loss or Wig course, head over to the Trade Sign up page and apply.

We are not a regular hair loss salon, so why should we offer regular 4x4 hair closures.


We only use Silk or Lace master partings and 6x6 lace closures for our Godiva Crown/Royale Systems and we are now offering them to our students at trade discount prices. 


Our Master partings provide a parting and crown coverage.

6x6 lace closures providing a larger coverage.

Master partings have a silk or lace base depending on stock.

Lifespan of 6-12 months, depending on aftercare.

(Please see our returns, refunds & Exchange policy).

Double drawn hair & Single drawn lengths depending on stock.

Remy human hair - 100% genuine.

Can be washed, straightened and curled.

Clips attached with master partings

110g of hair per unit - master partings

75g of hair per unit - 6x6 lace closures

You can create any colour or style, root stretches and balayage.  

Lengths 16 - 18 inches.


At Godiva, we ensure that all our hair is ethically sourced from Eastern Europe and the surrounding regions.  Virgin Remy hair is the most expensive type of hair, mainly because of its strength and quality is much more superior in durability and therefore will pay in dividends for the price invested.


Other hair types lack this quality due to their exposure of chemicals and processing. Therefore, these can only last for a few months, while Remy hair lasts over a year.  Why is Remy hair the best? It is down to genetics, climate and dietary factors making this hair beautifully soft and silky, yet at the same time strong and durable.  Our Remy hair is coloured using the gentlest and most expert methods, leaving the condition and integrity of the hair intact.

All in all, any salons which claim to have cuticle correct Remy hair, but gives only a 6 month guarantee on their hair, unfortunately you will have been mislead. The same goes for many salons who are asking for a high price for their Remy hair, some salons are asking for £1000 - £2000 for a full head and make ridiculous claims that they are the only salon in the region to source this type of hair.

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