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Godiva Topper - Lace/wefted


Perfect to be used as part of the Godiva Crown or Royale System - unique mesh/meshless integration or as a removable system with clips


Our Toppers provide a parting and crown coverage.

Lace lining with a wefted base.

Lifespan of up to 6 - 12 months, depending on aftercare.

Cuticle corret.

Lace and wefted base

Size: 6 inches x 5 inches

Remy human hair - 100% human hair.

Can be washed, straightened and curled.

Clips attached.

130% density per hair unit.

Freestyle hair parting.

All Godiva Master Partings are in lengths 18 inches.

Occasionally some of the toppers have layers within the lengths.

Can be cutter shorter for different styles.





To be eligible for a return, exchange or refund your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn, unused, uncoloured with tags, and in its original packaging and returned within 7 days of purchase.


The removal of tags or removal of the original packaging will void the return, refund or exchange, even if the goods are faulty.


Godiva cannot be liable for any shedding of the hair piece after the tags are removed and the hair piece is fitted.


You are responsible for providing your client with your own aftercare leaflet.

Lace - Godiva Human Hair Topper

  • Godiva Human Hair Toppers


    Lace Toppers are a hairpiece which mimics a person’s hair crown coverage, they create a crown and parting.


    Toppers can come in different forms and sizes, the most common size is 5x6inches.  Laced based toppers lay flat, are extremely comfortable, more breathable and are used as part of a integretion system to assist ladies with hair loss solutions.


    Never use glue or tape on the topper; it’s a common mistake among women to use adhesives to secure the topper, this could lead to hair loss.  Create a strong foundation by using mesh or the meshless method, then sew the topper to the foundation to avoid any further hair loss.  If the lady has no hair and the follicles are closed and the skin is shiny then tape could be used.


    Make sure the topper is sewn flat and neat to the front of the head.


    Toppers can be used with wefts to create more length and thickness, the toppers cover the top area where the track of weft hair is sewn around the head to create length and thickness coverage.


    Please do not remove tags, all returns, refund and exchanges are void if the security tags are removed.

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